What is the “ONE THING”?

Hello Queens Herald Church!

On Sunday, we talked about taking “one thing” to the next level in 2023.  You can approach this like a “goal” or even your “word” for this week.  Whatever it may be, my suggestion to our community is “worship.”  Typically, we see worship as some religious or spiritual act done (limited/ relegated to) a few “special spiritual holidays” during the year, or Sundays, small groups, or devotional times.  Worship does include those (imagine what would happen if we taught those we lead, small group members, children, etc. to worship every day rather than simply going to church!).  However, worship is more than that—much more.  In fact, because worship is based upon and driven/inspired by the intimacy of our relationship with God, everything we do in life can be an act of worship.  It’s important, however, to remember certain things about worship:

  1. Because it’s at the core relational, worship involves our devotion to God, but also His devotion to us. In other words, He respond to us [perfectly] in our worship of Him.
  2. There is an outward expression of worship, but also an inward (Mary’s “treasuring” and “pondering”), reflective, and contemplative one as well. Remember, we have a whole lot more time to engage in the inward than the outward.
  3. In order to engage in worship at these levels, we have to ask two questions:
    • Is He worthy (of our surrender/of our trust)?
    • Am I worthy? When we don’t feel like we’re enough, whatever we think or do is filtered through the need to “prove our worth.”
  4. Worship (as all of us) is actually living life as the best of us.

As we continue to contemplate “worship,” we would like to encourage/challenge you to ask God for revelation about ONE THING that He is inviting you to take to the next level this year.  Write it in the comments and bring it to church this coming Sunday.  By the way, if you need help with this, some perspective or direction, leave a comment for that as well.




  1. says: ·

    thank God i’m awake right now. Yesterday I couldn’t stop sleeping because of this unrealistic dream that had me fearful to stay awake, but was also fearful to be in.

    I think I’m going to have to have better dreams..

    • says: ·

      a consistent work ethic would also be very nice to have.

      • says: ·

        This is a good goal. It’s not as easy as one thinks though. There are lots of components to developing a consistent work ethic. Might I challenge you to think of two things:
        1. Wrestle with what may be behind the current approach to work. It may not necessarily be “laziness” or a lack of desire to work hard. There may be other things.
        2. Think of developing a rhythm of work. Rhythms occur organically as well as intentionally. It flows naturally as part of your life but also needs effort to maintain. This also reminds us to know that there are times to work hard and also times to play and rest hard as well.

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