What is God Highlighting for you? Draw or Take a Picture!


Draw or take a picture of what God has been highlighting to you.  Send it in and we will post it here to share.

Email to EM@qhc.org

As we help people move towards the Deeper Life, God reminded me not to forget those who are starting off their journey of life and faith and to journey with them into their NEW life.
Development takes time and active engagement. The youth retreat worship team have spent time together in practicing and preparing the songs for the retreat, while still having fun together. It has been amazing to watch them grow in confidence and be part of journey of life in faith. God reminds me through them that we do not have to journey alone for God is with us and we can be a team.
Out of fear, i want to run away and procrastinate but God said, "I see your struggles & I got you."


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    Thinking about new directions but I have God on my side in the form of recorded music (Matt Thiessen’s new album) to finally finish my degree.

    New directions may include auditing courses that will help me develop communication skills so I can be more general-purpose.

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      New directions are part of our New (Deeper) life! As we seek, discover, and engage God’s direction for us, we will come to the realization that the invitation is always to Him – that He’ll journey with us and be waiting for us when we finally get there.

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