What has your experience of repentance and confession been like?

The question for this week is this – What has your experience of repentance and confession been like?  

We’d love to see your response below.


  1. It’s easier to confess when I take everything I have from God’s hand, and acknowledge it directly, if not immediately.

    It also makes it easier when I consider myself but a worm, and every human interaction blossoms a bit more for that self-diagnosis.

    But I also have to make sure to remember my armor so I don’t have excuse to sin.

    • You’re right. When we are engaged in the intimacy of relationship with God, it’s easier to repent. That’s actually a very honest and real statement. Even when we are engaged in relationship with Him, we are prone to sin. That’s why grace is such an important part of repentance and confession. Intimacy also reminds us of who we are – not a worm, but His child. We may feel like that sometimes, but we have the choice to trust Him and take His word for it that we’re not, but His child.

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