Tell us about your experience from this weekend

Our 2023 Deeper Life Conference (“DLC”) is in the books and what a weekend it was! Worship was incredible and the sense of unity was profound. Dr. Wanda Walborn came to talk to us about the key to a deeper life—intimacy with God. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to grasp intimacy because of how it was [mis]represented to us. As such, Dr. Walborn talked about the obstacles that stand in our way of such intimacy—especially, shame. Through this weekend many of us experienced freedom and healing. A reminder to all of us—events like the DLC are incredibly significant in the life of QHC. However, they do not stand alone—meaning, that though it may have in the past, the life of QHC will no longer be driven by events. We will use them as springboards to a deeper life with God in our everyday lives. Please tell us about your experience from this weekend below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!