Summer Retreat Information

General Information

  • Price including room for 2 nights & 6 meals (Friday lunch 12:30 – 1:30 pm; No Sunday lunch offer)
  • Age as of 1/1/2022 
  • Early Bird Discount: $20 discount per person age 6 or above (Pay in full by 5/15 to be qualified) 
  • Senior Discount: Age 65 or above. $20 discount per senior
  • Refund Policy: 100% refundable before 5/25, 50% refundable from 5/25.
  • Special Requests for room’s need or financial assistance is need : please contact Inez Lee or Yuk Chow.

Room Infomation

  • Roommate must be either same family member or same gender. 
  • Children must stay in the same room with parent. 
  • Each room at least 2 people paying adult rate. 
  • For people choosing Thursday night, need to stay in the same room on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Registrant cannot change room without approval by the Retreat Committee.
  • Availability of various types of rooms are limited. Room assignment will be determined by the Retreat Committee.
  • Dorm room guests bring their own towels & bathing soap.

Types of rooms

Ref picture Room No. of people
  1 Standard I 2 queen beds, 5/+ family, contact committee
  2 Standard II 2 double beds, max for 4
  3 Basic I 2 double beds, max for 4
  4 Basic II Cottage: 2 double beds, max for 4
  5 Economy 2 rooms share a bathroom, 2 single beds, max for 2
  6 Dorm 2 rooms share a bathroom, 2 bunks, same gender, max 4

*The pictures are only for reference. Actual setting of the assigned room may be varied.


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