1. I’ve experienced God’s presence at the Metro Worship Conference and He revealed a lot about Himself and Myself to me. The musicians were also so anointed and gifted that they were almost invisible…I just continued to press on to hear what God was revealing to me. I was blessed to simply be a worshiper to our Lord Most High.

    • We would love to hear more about how He revealed Himself (and yourself) to you. It’s one of the most powerful ways to testify about His love for us! Praise God He is so good.

  2. the joy of the LORD is in this place!! i felt true joy that brought me to tears, and i felt the overwhelming love of God. i put my hands up in complete surrender to Him, i danced with excitement, prayed with my friends, and rested in His Presence with the entire sanctuary. Hearing all the voices sing “you are worthy of it all” was amazing. God is truly worthy of our highest praise and worship.

    reminder that worship is a lifestyle, not just singing songs! you can devote every act of your daily life as worship to God!

    ~~get up get up get up outta that grave~~

    • Freedom is so amazing, isn’t it?! To worship in Spirit and in truth! Would love to hear what worship as a lifestyle actually looks like in your daily life. Keep getting up!

  3. During the MetroWorship Conference, I got to experience TRUE and PROPER worship for the first time. I was able to praise the Lord with everything I’ve got, stopped thinking about what other people thought of me, put my hands up, sang from the bottom of my heart and even got on my knees as an act of humility.

    • What do you think it’ll take on the church’s part to create such a space to work like that? There’s the church’s part and then there is ours. Would love to hear your thoughts on “our” part – how did you prepare yourself for this worship conference that made such a difference?

  4. It was really great worship, great music, great songs and people sang their hearts out. I felt holy spirit working and it really touched our hearts.

    My personal biggest takeaway was during the panel discussions, the professionals saying that they don’t aim for perfection, and to remember the intent for the worship is not about us. They let the Holy Spirit and the congregation guide the worship and also not to let the technicality of things distract people. I think this is a good reminder for us all.

    • The panelists were great, weren’t they? I wonder how they create such intimacy with God for themselves, leading to such intimacy with God for others.

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