1. During this retreat, I was able to see God’s love clearer than ever. I also got the chance to witness and even overcome spiritual warfare up close. Personally, I learned about how REAL our loving God is and how POWERFUL he can be!

  2. It was such an experience to share this time with so many amazing friends. It is so good to see God at work in helping this family to grow closer to one another, in vulnerability, stories and truth. I can’t wait to see how each person steps closer to life transformation and into being who God made us to be. May God continue to break down lies and help us move towards forgiveness. And most importantly, for God to help us know that we are not alone because we have each other.

  3. Our daughter just came back from the youth retreat. This was her first time to the retreat and we were concerned whether she would like the retreat. As a matter, she was not interested in attending. However, after coming back from the retreat, she said she love it! She said she love her counselor. We want to personally shout out to Sherry and of course to many other counselors including Pastor Jessica who dedicated their time and commitment to organize and to plan this trip. Most importantly is to teach the youth to learn to love, to learn to live among themselves, and to encourage one another! Thank you for your dedication and commitment! God bless!!!

  4. I know Bradley was part of the youth retreat and I saw him fitting in planning for the event into the final minutes of the workweek.

    Thank you for your commitment!

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