Letter from Rev. Ben Kong about Sunday Service

Dear QHC Family:

We are indeed swimming through unprecedented waters. I hope all of you will heed the medical advice of “social distancing”! Please be safe!

As we may be worshipping online for the foreseeable present, allow me to make some suggestionsto prepare ourselves for Sunday online corporate worship.

We praise God for the technological marvel of live-streamingand other forms of online worship. Yet this will not be the same as in person live corporate worship. We will not be able to see each other’s faces and interact with one another. Nevertheless,this is the best way to worship God as one church family in moments like these.We are assured that the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit will be in our midst.

We began live-streaming last Sunday and I have heard various comments made.This Sunday will change for me as I will not be at church live-streaming but at home like all of you. I sense that it will be hardto focus and concentrate on God during online worship because there are so many possible and real distractions at home. Therefore, I would like to offer some guidelines to help you maximize your online worship experience at home.

How to worship God at home via online / live-stream worship:

The key is basically to act as if you are actually in QHC or that I am in your house to worship God.

1. Rise and shine to prepare yourself for worship.

2. Consume your breakfast because we should not eat during our online worship time.

3. Wear your usual Sunday attire to have a proper heart and mindset for worship.

4. Prepare your tithes and offering. QHC has set up a Tithe.ly account on the website! Please set up your account on Saturday so that you would be ready to give your tithes and offering online during worship or any other appropriate time.

5. Log into the account on our Vimeo channel at 9:40AM to prepare for 9:45AM worship.

6. Do your best to fully participate in worship by doing the following:

a. Please be attentive throughout the whole worship service. 
b. Please worship as a family, children should be with you and not doing other things. 
c. Please avoidtalking with your family members during praise and message time.

It is my prayer and hope that we will worship God in Spirit and Truth as we experience this unprecedented period in history. All Glory to God


Ben Kong