Become a Member

Why be a member?

Becoming a member of QHC is a privilege as well as a sign of spiritual growth & commitment.  Only active members can vote in church meetings & serve in some positions, such as small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, and committee members.  It is a privilege to become an official family member of QHC.  

What does it mean to be baptized?

Baptism is an outward symbol of the commitment a believer made in his/her heart to Jesus. The believer who will be baptized is proclaiming the following:

1. He/she is following Jesus;
2. He/she is participating in the Great Commission;
3. His/her faith with the transforming power from a new & eternal life;
4.To die, bury, & resurrect with Jesus
5. His/her pledge to Jesus openly.  

Baptism and Membership transfer happen twice a year.
Please speak with one of our pastoral staff if you’d like to be baptized and/or be a member of Queens Herald Church.