Immersion Trip

Visiting a Family Village: A team lead by Staff Denise Lam ran a VBS program. Lots of effort and time was invested in the planning, equipping and training in preparation for the trip. They collaborated with Pastor Andy from Brooklyn Community Christian Church. The team faithfully prepared to serve close to 70 orphans in the village, however at the last minute God brought in close to double that amount. In the end, the team was privileged to demonstrate Christ’s love to close to 150 children during their time there. The team experienced an aspect of what missions is like on the field: be well-prepared, but also ready to adjust their plans at the last minute in accordance with God’s leading. 

The team continues to engage with the children through online English lessons, a good partnership seems to be blossoming. 

In addition, the team were inspired to collect monies during our Sunday snack time to give to the children at the family village because coincidently the word for snack in their language is “Mong,” which sounds like the Chinese word for “dream.” What we as Americans take for granted here on a daily basis, are luxuries for a lot in the world even in our day.