Couple’s Checkup Workshop*

At the heart (QHC’s theme for this year is “The Heart Matters”) of all healthy relationships is connection.  Some of us don’t even realize that’s what we (or our partners) have been longing for.  Without it, it’s so challenging to live the kind of life that God has set aside for us to live as a couple.  With Valentine’s Day being in the month of February, Pastor Sam Park and Mrs. Michelle Park want to offer you the time, space, and resources to have the kinds of conversations that will help you to begin to create rhythms of deep and meaningful connection. 

*This will be the first of a series of workshops hosted by Queens Herald Church and led by Michelle and Pastor Sam titled “The Heart Matters of Creating Rhythms of Connection” (for couples, parents, and families).

When:  Saturday, February 25, 2023, from 10AM – 12:30PM.  Check-in starts at 9:30am

Who:   All couples (Married or Dating) but must come as a couple.  Friends are invited (whether they’re Christian or not), but they too must come as a couple 

Where:  Queens Herald Church (Downstairs Chapel) located at 65-15 164 St. Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Language: English

Cost: FREE (but no childcare or lunch) & please register below