Christmas Operation Child 2021

We will collect all shoe boxes on 11/14 and 11/21

Dear Brothers and Sisters of QHC:

During this season of thanksgiving, QHC will be participating in project “Caring for others near and far” to share the blessings of our Lord.

We will be preparing shoe boxes through “Operation Christmas Child” to send to children at places where they may have never heard of Jesus. We encourage and invite everyone to participate in giving shoeboxes to bless children from near and far thru Operation Christmas Child. We hope to share the love of Jesus with these children, and let them know the good news of the gospel.

This year you can participate by either picking up the shoe box at the church physical location or you can go to the church website to participate in Operation Christmas Child. Another way you can also participate is to pack your own shoeboxes that you may already have.

We hope and pray that these gift will be a blessing for the children and the people around them.


Christmas Operation Child 2021 Promotion
How to Prepare a Shoebox
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