2022 Governing Board Election

The election of 2022 Governing Board Members and Elder Affirmation will be held in the congregation meeting on December 5, 2021.

The election of Governing Board Members and Officers Election for the next term will have six vacancies:
• Secretary;
• Treasurer;
• Two Members-at-large from the Chinese congregation; &
• Two Members-at-large from the English congregation.

You can download the following documents from Members Portal:
• Nomination Form; &
• List of Eligible Active Members for Nomination.

Deadline to submit nominations: October 24th, 2021 (Sunday)

You may submit the completed nomination form before the deadline through one of the following channels:
• Email the form to nomcomm@qhc.org ;
• Mail the form by post to the church address; or
• Submit the form to the Nominating Committee which includes Pastor Moses Wu, Eric Lam, Ming Lam, Steve Liu & Joan Wu.

Any active QHC member, with the second from another active member, may nominate one qualified member per position. You can just fill out the position(s) that you have a nominee/ nominees and leave the others empty.

*The nominator needs to confirm if the potential nominee is willing to be nominated & if he/she is an active member.