Come and See

New to Christianity? Have questions about faith?

Come & See is a safe space for those interested and curious about Jesus, to explore who He is and ask questions about faith. All are welcome! We meet on Sundays, at 11:30 am through Zoom:
You can also check our Facebook page for announcements. Invite your friends to join the community! 

Beginning on Sunday, September 13, we’ll be starting a new series: Alpha

What is Alpha?
Alpha is an 11-part series of group conversations that explore life, spirituality, and faith through a Christian lens. Feel free to join one session or all!

What does each meeting look like?
Meet some new people and get to know one another!
Watch: Together we’ll watch a short 20-25 minute film that will unpack the basics of Christianity and explore questions like, Who is Jesus? How can we have faith?
Discuss: After the film, we’ll share our thoughts and hear from each other! Feel free to say as much or as little as you like, it’s up to you.