Children’s Ministry


Daily Devotional

Participate from your home in our 5-minute daily time with God. 

Online Sunday School

Pre K to 1st Grade Sunday School Lesson:

2nd Grade to 3rd Grade Elementary Sunday School Lesson:

4th Grade to 5th Grade Elementary Sunday School Lesson:

Children are Treasured at Queens Herald Church

Our Vision for Children:
… that they will know Christ
… understand His Word
… grow in their own spiritual walk
… be able to share the love of Christ with others

Our Mission:
… to meet children at their level of development
… to teach them the love of Christ and the joy of His forgiveness and salvation
… to help them learn the truth of His Word
… to encourage their growth within the body of Believers

Here at QHC, we have a children’s check in system during children’s sunday school to ensure the safety of all children. To register your child, please contact