5 Loaves 2 Fish Ministry

As our Abba Father has blessed QHC abundantly, we are responding by becoming the channel of His blessings to the community. To share Jesus’ love and care during this pandemic emergency, beginning on May 9, QHC will be distributing 100 lunch boxes each day on Saturday and Sunday to our community.

Here is how you may participate:

1. Through Prayer: may the Lord feed the community with food and His word. Let His light shine through the land and His love envelop everyone during this especially difficult time. May He awaken the hearts and souls for everyone to turn to Him and Him only. Pray for His protection on the volunteers to give out the lunch boxes via no-contact distribution.

2. Through Arts: we will have a label with the Word on each lunch box. We would like to invite you, specially your children, to use your artistic gifts to draw a picture of blessing inspired by the Word to be used on the label. When submitting your artwork, please have a few sentences to let us know the message that your picture is delivering. Please submit it to qhcspiritual@qhc.org and we will select the drawings to be printed.

3. Through Spreading the word: let your friends/neighbors who have a need to know that they can come to get a lunch box at 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday in the month of May. First come first serve.

Distribution address: iChopsticks: 185-20 Horace Harding Expy, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

If you have any questions, please email to qhcspiritual@qhc.org


ben kong