40-Day Fasting & Prayer

In 2021, we are continually confronted with dreadful news from our community, our country and our world, and the church has not yet clearly perceived the direction ahead. In such a seemingly lost situation, we know that we need to come before God to wait for His guidance and to redirect our course!

Therefore, the church will hold a churchwide 40-day fast and prayer from Tuesday, August 24 to Saturday, October 2 and pray that God Himself will guide us on the path ahead. I hereby urge all brothers and sisters to come to God and seek His will for QHC together in fasting and prayer. As QHC continues to move forward, let us come to God in unity and seek His will together.

Types of Fasting:
  1. General fasting – abstain from food, only drink water.
  2. Partial fasting – abstain from certain foods, as simple as possible. (Daniel 10:2-3)
  3. Total fasting – no eating and drinking at all (Ezra 4:15-16)
  4. Abstain from certain things – such as social media, entertainment, shopping, etc.

In the Bible, one of the main purposes of fasting is to surrender ourselves before God, to ask God to take the full control, manifest and speak to us, and guide us through the difficulties. God delights in any form of fasting and prayer. We encourage you and your family to fast for one meal (lunch or dinner) every day. Share what you have received from the Lord in your meditation and pray together. As for the brothers and sisters who have special physical needs, such as the elderly, young children, or the sick, partial fasting may be considered. Even if you really can’t participate in fasting, we encourage you to join the meditation and prayer, and God will also be pleased.

Listening to the voice of God is the most important part of the 40-day fast. We urge you to write your journal, share them with your family, with brothers and sisters, for the encouragement and affirmation of each other.