2023 Summer Retreat Reminder 夏令會入營須知


Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center 3300 River Rd. Mt. Bethel, PA 18343

Tel: (570) 897-6000


Health Issue

If you or a member of your household feels unwell, please contact the Retreat Committee.


1. Pets are not permitted. Cooking is not permitted in rooms.

2. The use of alcoholic beverages, smoking, burning of any matter, lighting of candles, foul and/or obscene language, littering are not permitted anywhere in the campsite.

3. All areas are to be quiet from 11 PM-7 AM. Please be mindful and not to disturb others to rest.

4. Children must be supervised at all times. There is a public traffic road next to the campsite. Be careful!

5. High standards of modesty are expected in choice of attire and swim suits (no bikini type, etc). All guests are requested to keep their shirts on while in public areas.

6. Please hold onto the room key safely. Return the key timely before noon on Sunday. Late return or lost key charged $20.

7. Any person who causes any damage of Tuscarora facility, equipment, or property is responsible to pay for the damages and will be billed accordingly.

Friday Schedule

Recommend leaving New York City by 9AM and arriving to the retreat site before 12:30 PM for lunch.

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch at Dining Room

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM: Open Ceremony (all ages) at Senum-Thompson Center-Auditorium

3 PM - 4 PM & 9:30 PM: Check-In / Get room key at Senum-Thompson Center-Lobby/GYM

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: Dinner at Dining Room

* Please let the retreat committee know before 8/15 if you will not be attending Friday Lunch so retreat site does not waste food

* Refer to the camp book for other program schedule. * Please write your name on the camp book.

* There will be tithes and offering collection during Sunday session.

To Bring

1. Bible, Notebook and Pen. 2. Water Bottle 3. Hair Dryer 4. Swimsuit for water activities

5. For Dorm Style room, please bring your own towels and toiletries. 6. Snacks and games for fellowship time.

* Campsite provides different recreational facilities. For details, check the website or contact their office.

Car Ride

If you requested rides and have not been contacted by 8/15, please notify the Committee or QHC office immediately.

Each ride requester should reimburse $20 to ride provider.


There is a large parking lot next to the Senum-Thompson Center. Please park in designated lots only.

Speed Limit

Please observe the 5 MPH speed limits on all Tuscarora roads and parking areas.

Please use caution when crossing and walking on River Road; yield to traffic.


Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center 3300 River Rd. Mt. Bethel, PA 18343

Tel: (570) 897-6000 www.tuscarora.org








5. 請穿着合宜的衣服和泳衣,不要過於暴露,如比堅尼式之類等。

6.小心保管房間鑰匙;準時在星期日中午前歸還,過時歸還或遺失者需付 $20





12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: 午餐 Dining Room餐廳

1:45pm 開幕禮(所有年齡) / 地點:Senum-Thompson Center (STC) - Auditorium 禮堂

3pm–4pm 9:30pm 登記及領取房間鑰匙 / 地點:STC - Lobby 大堂 / GYM

5:30pm - 6:30pm 晚餐 Dining Room 餐廳

* 如果您將不會參加週五的午餐,請在 8/15 前通知籌委會,以至營地不會浪費食物。




1.聖經 、筆記本及筆 2.水瓶 3.電風筒 4.泳衣 (水上活動)

5.宿舍房間(共用浴室 )請自備毛巾及洗浴用品 6. 小食與組員分享 7. 星期六晚上和星期日崇拜為中英文聯合聚會。需要粵語翻譯的弟兄姊妹,大會備有傳統耳機,亦鼓勵選用自己手機(Listen Everywhere app) 來聆聽翻譯。使用自己手機者請自備耳機。

* 營地提供不同的娛樂設施。有關詳情,請查看營地網站或聯絡他們。


已登記需交通接送者: 如在 8/15 前還未接到通知,請立刻通知籌委會或聯絡教會辦事處。


需要交通接送者每人請預備 $20 給接載提供者分擔交通費用。

STC 旁邊有一個大型停車場。請在指定地段停車。


請遵守所有營地附近道路和停車場的 5 MPH 速度限制。

River Road 是一條公共道路,橫過馬路時,請特別小心。