1/12 Update on COVID cases

Dear Parents,


It had come to our attention that 3 of our students who attended our Sunday school last Sunday, 01/09, were tested positive for COVID yesterday, 01/11.  If your child(ren) attended Sunday school this past Sunday, we urge you to get your child(ren) and your family tested.  We have already consulted medical professional today.  A rapid test is acceptable.


Our medical professional would like our parents to know:

1) The majority of the current COVID-19 infection in NYC is Omicron variant, 90% according to recent report.

2) The founder of MRNA vaccine reported that Omicron variant mostly infected the upper airway, without causing severe illness like pneumonia or blood clot issue. It seems the case of illness is milder than delta variant and looks like common cold.


If you tested positive and asymptomatic, please quarantine for 5 days and you can return to church on the 6th day.  If you tested positive and symptomatic, please quarantine for 10 days and get tested negative before returning to church. This will apply to our adult congregants as well as children and youth.


Thank you for your understanding!  We are praying for the families affected.  May the Lord continue to protect all the family and our church.


Children Pastor 

Rev. Frank Huang